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Magnetic resins
MAGic bioprocessing provides magnetic agarose-based resins that are used to recover biologics or other biomolecules directly from crude sample mixtures eliminating the need of clarification. Our MAGicBeads are highly porous which provides a large available surface area (50m2/ml) resulting in exceptional high binding capacities, similar to column resins. The beads are also strongly magnetized (40emu/g) and stable due to our proprietary manufacturing method which provides consistent and fast magnetic separation even in large sample volumes (litres).

Our MAGicBeads are also compatible with robotic system such as the KingFisher™ Flex unit (Thermo Fisher) allowing the use of our beads in automatic setups for high-throughput screening.

MAGic Bioprocessing are specialized in the development and production of tailor-made magnetic bead products for a variety of different applications. These tailor-made MAGic™Beads include specialized Protein A beads for immunoprecipitation, beads with Protein G ligand for antibody species with a different affinity, Streptavidin beads for captures of biotinylated targets and MAGic™Beads Micro. Moreover, we are able to produce a large variety of customized magnetic beads in the scale from µl up to liter of settled beads with following parameters that can be optimized:

  • Degree of magnetization
  • Size of beads
  • Concentration of agarose
  • Surface-functional groups
  • Ligand-coupling services



MAGic Beads Custom


MAGic Beads Custom

Our super-paramagnetic agarose beads, MAGic™Beads, are intended for purification from non-clarified cell culture broth, such as from hybridoma or CHO cells and from serum and ascites fluid samples. The magnetic beads, due to their high magnetization, are seamlessly scalable from high-throughput small scale screening to production scale. Our beads are fully integratable with commercial automated pipetting systens, such as the KingFisher instrument or Te-Mags™.

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