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MAGic Bioprocessing develops and produces proprietary and fully scaleable magnetic-based bioprocessing products for the recovery of biologics from µl to thousands of liters of cell culture material.


Streamlined magnetic-based recovery of biologicals

MAGic bioprocessing introduces a novel proprietary technology for the effective recovery of high-valuable biologics integrating the steps clarification and capture into one single unit operation. A magnetized resin, used in batch mode within a magnetic capture system, streamlines clarification and purification into one unit operation. The MAGic bioprocessing methodology improves the purification yields in the downstream process of the high-valuable biologics at the same time as it lower the cost for the production making the technology very attractive compared to the existing methodology of today. The technology enables unique scaleability from small sample volumes at the research lab through pilot sample volumes at the development phase to the final process scale at the manufacturing site.


Open Position

Posted on 14th Aug, 2023

Key Account Manager, Boston MA (Hybrid)

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Try now our new ready-to-use kits!

Posted on 31st May, 2023

Ready-to-use kits for cell isolation and mAb purification. Contains affinity beads, magnet and buffers to purify up to 6.5 mg IgG or isolation of up to 10^7 cells.

Erik Walldén in the board of directors

Posted on 16 September 2022

We welcome Erik Walldén as member in the board of directors…


What We Can Do For You

Are you planning to or are already working on making pure mAb’s or cells? We do have the ultimate methodology for you to achieve your goals with the best results.


The mAbs are very expensive products and you therefore want to recover as much as you can. For larger scale it is also very good to have as few unit operations as possible in the manufacture of mAb’s. Using the MAGic methodology clarification and capture can be integrated into one step giving lower overall costs and higher yields


Today several projects within medicine are based on using cell therapy. These cells have to be pure and active. Achieving this needs the use of tender and effective isolation methods. Magic methodology with its batch based process will enable this. It is also scalable to 1000 litre cell culture scale.

Magic Bioprocessing

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  • Streamlines production process
  • Increase yield
  • Lowering costs
  • Increase productivity
  • Decreas HCP levels




Capture and recovery of monoclonal antibodies and cells


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About us


MAGic Bioprocessing AB is a biotech tools company from Uppsala, Sweden that develops and sells proprietary magnetic-based products and methods for bioprocessing of biologics such as recombinant proteins, monoclonal antibodies, viral vectors and cells.

The company is today located in Uppsala Business Park which hosts more than 70 different companies and over 2000 persons in the field of Life Science.


Mission statement

We help life science to make best biologics by introducing novel and proprietary products to improve yield, decrease production cost and streamline the downstream process of high-valuable biologics.